2014 Online Marketing Trends: How to Take your Wellness Practice to the Next Level

Posted on 01/13/2014 · Posted in Health & Wellness Marketing

2014 online marketing trends give wellness practitioners a roadmap on how to achieve online success this year—which, if nourished properly, will lead to increased awareness and higher sales.

To help guide you in your eternal quest for customers—and for online glory—here are our top tips on where to take your online marketing strategy in 2014..

2014 Online Marketing Trends: How to Take your Wellness Practice to the Next Level

There are a number of elements of SEO and other forms of online marketing that you need to know in order to be ahead of the pack on in 2014:

1. The Semantic Search

For a number of years Google has been working on picking up more semantic search clues. This means that they want to be able to scan the entire content, instead of just looking for a keyword. With their Hummingbird update (so far as the online marketing community can surmise), they can only join a few short- and long-tail keywords, possibly combined with other website page content to determine the highest-quality content—but that means something.

What that means for you in 2014 is that you should begin gearing your content towards semantic search. So, use both short- and long-tail keywords, but use them naturally and in context. Be concerned with your content and articles overall, and less concerned with your specific keyword(s)–because great content will naturally appeal to a semantic search as it will use keywords sprinkled naturally throughout.

2. Social Search

Google is continually looking to rank social cues into its search. While it hasn’t perfected the formula yet—no business can deny the importance of social marketing. So—make 2014 the year you finally become a social rockstar. My best advice is to find the network that works for you the best. For the majority of our clients this is Facebook, for its interaction and engagement, and Pinterest for its virality.

3. Facebook Changes

Facebook has recently changed its filtering for what content displays in newsfeeds. In fact, a huge percentage of companies doing Social Media Marketing saw up to a 90% dip in the social media traffic after these changes were made. This is/was bad news for a number of industries—including wellness practice experts (who largely rely on SMM)–however it is also an opportunity.

The opportunity that has come from this is that you have the chance to rise above the crowd. I recently read an article in Business Insider about one intelligent internet marketer who has majorly profited off this trend (you can read it here). He advises 2014 online marketers to: talk less about themselves, engage more, use admin tags, ask more questions (including ‘trolling’-like questions), network with like-minded people in your industry and post every 3 hours—24 hours a day (but don’t spam).

4. Mobile Search
A large percentage of searches are now being performed on mobile devices, and this has a strong effect on your online marketing—so heed this notice. You now need a mobile-optimized website that performs well in mobile search.

5. Style

The days of having a template-based website with no functionality and a haphazard Facebook page are over. People want stunning design, integrated video, rockstar content, excellent navigation and more. For more style-based tips—give us a call and we can discuss updating your online style!


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