Best 2014 Blogging Practices

Posted on 12/30/2013 · Posted in Health & Wellness Marketing

It’s that time of year again—where you review your previous year’s successes and failures and implement a new strategy. This year’s online marketing strategy for wellness practitioners and health marketers should include my Best 2014 Blogging Practices. These on-trend tips will help you, just as it has helped hundreds of Life Dream customers to improve their brand and online presence while raising awareness—and sales.!

1. Know your Competition—and Crush them

You may be a sweet-hearted wellness professional who wants, idealistically, to see everyone succeed in their own right—but, somebody has to lead in your field, and it might as well be you, right?

The first of our best 2014 blogging practices is to check your competitors’ websites to see how often they are blogging, then one-up them. So, if they are blogging once a week—then create an editorial calendar for your blog that has you posting 5 or 6 times a month.

2. Semantic Searching

Every year Google is including more and more semantic search cues. This means they are looking for great content that isn’t keyword-centric. So, adjust your content approach this year to cater towards semantic searching—and prepare for an increased importance on semantics in the coming years NOW—by using both short- and long-tail keywords.

The above can be achieved by keeping your clients in mind while your write—not Google’s robotic crawlers. Also, focus highly on internal linking between articles and concepts that are related.

3. Don’t Forget Social Media
Many companies write a blog post and then put it on their social media accounts. This strategy however doesn’t cut it. And it will ‘cut it’ even less in 2014. So, when you’re writing blog posts and adding media, keep social marketing in mind. What images will make a great Facebook post image? Is there a snippet that will make a great Twitter teaser?

4. Promote your Content
If you’ve been blogging your butt off in 2013 but haven’t seen an increase in online conversions (surfers who become customers) then you likely aren’t promoting your content strong enough. You may need a greater (or more effective) integration between blogging and social media. Or, you may need to optimize your mobile site if your blog posts aren’t displaying well on the increasing amount of mobile users trying to check out your content (something that can be figured out by using Google Analytics or another analytics tool).

If you haven’t had the return on your content that you would have hoped, and can’t figure out why—ask us. We can help.

This year, follow these best 2014 blogging practices and begin writing content with higher SEO value, that performs better and drives more traffic and conversions. If you need help supercharging your blogging, content, website, mobile website, online marketing or social media marketing—then call Life Dreams Solutions—a digital marketing agency that caters solely to the unique needs of health and wellness professionals.